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Season's Treatings...


from Vermont Shortbread Company

Dearest Shortbread Fans-- December is upon us, and we're ramping up for the holiday season. Ann's Shortbread Elves are working 'round the clock... mixing, rolling, packing and gift-wrapping as fast as they can, as the heavenly aroma of buttery goodness perfumes the bakery and drives us all to distraction. Do we manage to sneak in a few bites of shortbread as we work? Well... let's just say that Vermont Shortbread "factory seconds" don't go to waste.

shortbreadWe'll be sending out a friendly reminder telling shortbread customers to place their holiday gift orders early. Be on the lookout for a special postcard from VSC in your mailbox. And don't forget to order an extra shortbread gift box for Santa to enjoy when he stops by your house on Christmas Eve this year.

Explore our assortment of delicious shortbread flavors and place your order right now.


Send Shortbread Smiles Across the Miles

Treat your family, friends, online pals and professional colleagues to a home-baked holiday treat: Vermont Shortbread.

Imagine how delighted your grandma, friends across the country, or your favorite client will be to see their mail carrier coming up the walkway bearing a Fedex package addressed to them.

Even better... imagine the expression on their faces when they tear open the package to find a fresh, buttery shortbread, ready to be savored with a glass of cold milk!

It's easy to send shortbread smiles across the miles. Just place your order for homemade shortbread right now.


Shortbread: the Original Christmas Cookie

Shortbread makes the perfect holiday cookie, because that's what it was originally intended for.

Long ago in medieval times, European peasants thought the butter "waste" they received from rich folks (who snobbishly only drank pure milk), would combine well with flour and sugar to make a sweet Christmas cookie (or "cooky" as they likely spelled it in those days).

It didn't take long for the masses to catch on to the cookie craze, and five centuries later, shortbread is still a dessert favorite... not only at Christmas time, but all the year through.

Pay homage to your Anglo-Saxon, Celtic or Eastern European roots... make Vermont Shortbread your Christmas cookie of choice this holiday season!

Explore our assortment of delicious shortbread flavors and place your order right now.


Deck the Halls With... Shortbread, of Course

shortbreadAs you can see, our creative marketing team went a little crazy this year, managing to sneak shortbread gift boxes and shorties into the darnest of holiday places.

Yes, we're decking the halls with shortbread and we'd love it if you join us in the holiday festivities and fun.

Before you sink your teeth into that shortbread sumptiousness we call "product" here at VSC... grab your digital cam, gather the kids, and get some shortbread nostalgia on film! If we receive enough photo feedback from happy customers, we'll publish your shortbread images in a future Vermont Shortbread Collage.

Submit your shortbread photos to Ann by email at, or


Explore our assortment of delicious shortbread flavors and place your order right now.

We Ship Anywhere in the Continental United States! Click here to order.

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